Is There A Difference In Aluminum Plate Suppliers?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if there is really a difference in suppliers when it comes to aluminum plate, bar and extrusions. If you are one of those fabricators or manufacturers wondering if there really an advantage to one supplier over another, learning a bit about the importance of a quality supplier will help in answering that question.

It is important to understand that aluminum plate suppliers handling only aluminum are the best option for buyers of small or large volume orders. This has to do with the relationship of these suppliers with the mills as well as their inventory and their additional services.

Large Volume in Aluminum

When you require large volume orders of aluminum plate, bar or custom extrusions having a large volume supplier is critical. These companies are handling the bulk of the aluminum sales in any given area to all industries and sectors, which means they have a good relationship with the mills.
They tend to have extensive on-hand inventory and the ability to work with the mills to coordinate large regular orders or one-time large volume requirements. They also have the advantage of getting the best prices, which is reflected in their prices to their customers.

Correct Storage and Handling

When aluminum plate suppliers only work with aluminum they have the correct equipment, trained staff and facilities to not just process the plate but to also store it and ship it. It is not stored with other metals or materials, so there isn’t the surface damage you will often find with aluminum from general metal supply companies.

By having the correct storage facilities, equipment and methods for moving and working with the plate it arrives without the dings, scratches and surface abrasions that you often see with aluminum. It is also not going to be shipped if it is not straight and free from defects.

Value-Added Services

Top aluminum plate suppliers also provide precision cutting services. This is an often overlooked value-added services for customers. By having the experts in working with aluminum plate, bar and extrusion cut the pieces to order there is absolutely no waste when the order arrives at your facility or job.

Additionally, all cuts will be guaranteed to be square they can be precision cut to plus or minus 0.005 of an inch. These tight tolerances are much better than can be done in-house, plus there is no processing time required after delivery.

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