Is Laser Therapy Treatment Right for You?

There is nothing to fear concerning laser therapy. A lot of people believe that lasers are something that can-do damage. While this is true, not every laser is the same. There are specific lasers used for laser therapy in Toronto ON area. It’s important to understand the type of lasers that are used for therapy treatments. Lasers that are meant to be used to improve your health use light energy known to stimulate cells in your body which will produce chemicals involved in the process of healing. Actually, laser therapy has already been used to treat a vast variety of medical conditions including non-musculoskeletal to musculoskeletal. This type of therapy heals the body faster than it could normally. Lasers are now used for acupuncture as well as becoming an effective method to treat pain and controlling addictions including smoking and even weight loss.

What to Expect During a Laser Therapy Session

You may be wondering exactly how laser therapy is accomplished. You will be introduced to a laser device that uses a cold laser that is placed over an area where you are injured for a very small period of time, usually about 30 seconds to a few minutes. The device will emit laser light which will pass through skin layers to fully reach a targeted area. The cells in that area absorb the laser light which results in normalizing injured tissue. The normalizing of tissue reduces pain and the time it takes to fully heal. Laser therapy is used to treat chronic pain such as muscle soreness, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, neck pain and back pain as well as many other forms of pain in your body.

Use Laser Therapy for Pain Management

When you want an effective treatment for pain laser therapy is a great option. The specific wavelengths of laser beams are able to target areas of pain. The focus of laser light beams is extremely accurate and gives physicians the ability to work in very small areas while also being able to avoid adjacent tissues in the area that is being concentrated on. It is a very gentle way of treating pain that may feel as if the area tingles if you’re highly sensitive to energy. Rarely do patients complain that they have suffered body pain after a laser treatment compared to those who have undergone a traditional medical procedure.

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