Is An Online Quit Smoking Program An App For Your Smartphone?

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Web Design

One can certainly do many things online in this age of the internet and wireless connectivity and it could even be that some geeky type smoker has come up with a quit smoking app – maybe something that somehow counts the number of times that you light up a cigarette and makes a rude noise or gives you a mild electric shock each time that you do? However, if there is such an app, I have yet to come across it.

On Line Consultations & Recommendations For Smokers Who Wish To Quit

This sort of Online Quit Smoking Program is currently available and a growing number of websites are now offering such services. Some may indeed result in you ceasing to smoke tobacco products. But, if this is achieved by succeeding to switch your tobacco addiction over to an addiction to nicotine gum or even nicotine laden vapor, it could be viewed as a somewhat limited success.

Why does someone smoke? Because they want to and because they get enjoyment and satisfaction from it.

Why can’t they quit smoking? Because they don’t want to lose the enjoyment and satisfaction that smoking gives them.

So, what can such people expect from an Online Quit Smoking Program? Obviously not a computer program but a system or regime that they can follow that will assist them towards success in quitting their smoking habit. But, that still leaves the question of, if they follow the online advice, will they become free from smoking?

Self Help

In reality, it is you – the smoker – who has to be the major contributor in any program aimed at quitting smoking, whether online or otherwise. You must really want to quit and you have to be prepared to see the program through to its conclusion. All any Online Quit Smoking Program can do is to motivate you to stay the course and become a smoke free individual.

Short Term Motivation

Banning you from smoking at your workplace, on airplane flights or, in restaurants and other public places is a temporary motivation; in so much as you do not want the hassle of the penalties imposed on people who ignore such bans. If you can survive such short term bans, why is it so difficult to stop smoking on other occasions and in other places? Maybe a good Online Quit Smoking Program could help you to extend these temporary “time-outs” into a fulltime, smoke free lifestyle?


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