Is a Walk-in Clinic Better Than a Hospital for Car Accident Injuries?

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Healthcare

When people think about car accidents, they often think of ambulances and hospitals. In most cases, however, there’s another option to consider: Walk-in clinics. Here are a few reasons why choosing a clinic over a hospital can be the right choice.

Injury Expertise

When it comes to treating potentially life-threatening injuries, hospital emergency rooms are the best option available. However, emergency room doctors typically lack the expertise of doctors who specialize in non-life-threatening injuries. Although patients can expect quality care at both hospitals and a St. Augustine, FL walk in clinic, the standard of care is often higher at clinics.

A Long-Term Focus

When a patient arrives in need of emergency care, doctors typically have one focus: Stabilize the patient. Hospitals aim to discharge patients as quickly as possible and refer them to other doctors. If an injury doesn’t demand emergency treatment, patients are often better served by going to a St. Augustine, FL, walk in clinic and focusing on long-term care from the beginning.

Convenience and Cost

Due to the demands of emergency care, emergency rooms are typically hectic and often overbooked. In contrast, a St. Augustine, FL, walk-in clinic will present a more organized and pleasant experience. Furthermore, even when factoring in insurance, clinics are almost always significantly less expensive, as hospitals charge far higher fees that insurance won’t always offset. If all other factors are equal, the convenience and lower cost of walk-in clinics make them a preferable option.

Hospitals are a cornerstone of medical care. However, people often believe they need to head to a hospital when medical clinics can provide better services. Don’t hesitate to seek out emergency care if needed, but note that clinics have a number of advantages to consider.

Injury Care Centers focuses on providing an alternative to emergency rooms, and they have emergency room doctors on staff to provide safe and comprehensive care. With locations across Jacksonville, Orange Park, and St. Augustine, they’re easy to access throughout northwest Florida.

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