Is a Used Acura MDX a Good Choice?

Those familiar with the Acura MDX know that it’s a beautifully designed crossover SUV. The MDX has always stood for style and reliability. As such, it is tough competition for other vehicles in the same category. See why buying a used Acura MDX can save you money while providing you with a dependable, stylish SUV.

An Impressive Towing Capability

The MDX is just as tough as it is pretty. The towing capability of past models falls nothing short of impressive. Consider the specs on the 2016 model. This model can tow a variety of loads including ATVs, campers and small boats. Overall, the 2016 model boasts a 5,000-pound towing capability. Models from other years share similar towing abilities. Check out the model year of your choice for more information.

Room for Everyone

The MDX is not the biggest SUV on the market, but it has room for your whole family. Each version has three rows of comfortable seating to handle several travelers. If you need more storage than passenger space, you can always take advantage of the folding rear seat. This will give your MDX an additional storage space for sports equipment or luggage.

An Engine With a Punch

Many people want to buy used Acura MDX in Libertyville due to the power packed motor. The MDX line uses a 3.5-liter V-6 engine to get through any road conditions. These motors produce around 290 horsepower and over 260 pounds-foot of torque. The best part about the engine is its proven reliability. You’ll never have to worry about the motor failing when you need it most.

Available All Wheel Drive

Some MDX models come with Acura’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive. This system makes the vehicle a great asset in poor weather conditions. With the enhanced traction, MDX drivers have no problem driving through mud or snow. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck somewhere when you buy a used Acura MDX in Libertyville.

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