Is a Service Agreement for Pest Control in Kent WA Worth the Money?

People who have never been startled by the sight of a mouse scurrying along a baseboard or reached into a kitchen cabinet to find the cereal box is gnawed through on one end wonder if there is any point to securing a contract for Pest Control in Kent WA. The fact is that even when there are no signs of an infestation, the benefits that come with the service agreement are worth the money. Here are some of the reasons why securing and maintaining an agreement matters.

Home Inspections

Most contracts for Pest Control in Kent Wa, include a free annual inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to determine if there are any signs of pest activity, even subtle ones that are hard to spot. During the visit, the technician will also be on the lookout for any factors that would make it easier for pests to get into the home. The information collected during the inspection will go a long way toward preventing pest issues from developing later on.

Scheduled Treatments

Another perk of having the contract in place is that a professional visits the home regularly to administer treatments inside and outside. Those treatments are great for preventing many types of pests from entering the home. If some minor issue has developed since the last visit, there is a good chance that the current round will stop the problem immediately.

Help with Emergency Situations

While much of the focus is on keeping mice and insects out of the house, many pest control services can handle other types of home invasions. That includes squirrels getting into the attic, or a snake somehow ending up in the toilet. A professional can provide the client with some practical advice of what to do while waiting for the technician to arrive. In short order, the pest will be removed and things get can back to normal.

For any homeowner who does not have a pest control service contract in place, call a professional today. After going over all the services and discounts included in the plan, it will be easy to see how it will save the client time, money, and frustration.

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