Is a Fitness Career Profitable?

When most people ask whether a fitness career is profitable, the career they have in mind is as a personal trainer. This job can certainly bring some of perks with it, especially for those who are willing to educate themselves and bring unique skills to the table. However, there are many other careers that aren’t thought of, but perhaps should be. We’ll look at which careers in fitness in Staten Island, Woodrow, NJ, are profitable below.

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

This job generally requires certification, but many employers will also want to see a Bachelor of Science degree. This is essentially the highest level of fitness trainer that you can be, and you get paid reasonably because of that. You’ll be tasked with things like implementing diets, conducting testing sessions, and more. You can expect to make around $45,000 on average.

Gym Chain Owner

This is the right option for those who want the big bucks and don’t mind putting business skills to the test. Owning a popular gym is high-pressure, but it also means making millions. However, you want a business degree, rather than a science degree. You’ll also find that most of your time is spent doing things that are completely unrelated to fitness in Staten Island, Woodrow, NJ. It’s up to you whether that’s alright.

Start-Up Partner

As a partner in a start-up gym, you can expect to pull in around $75,000 on average. What’s great about this position is you can spend your whole day working out in your space. However, a business degree can be a plus here since there’s a lot more to the job than that. You should also know that the first few years of business can be pretty tough.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is connected to fitness in Staten Island, Woodrow, NJ, and helps those who have been injured. You’ll need a doctorate for this serious career path, so make sure that’s something you’re happy with. If so, you can expect to bring in about $65,000 a year. Not too shabby and you have the option of working in a company or having your practice.

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