Is A Certified Pre-Owned Car The Right Car For You?

When you are giving a lot of thought to replacing your car chances are you talk to a lot of people about it. Chances are at least one of the people suggested you consider a certified pre-owned car. A CPO vehicle is one that has been subjected to and passed a battery of tests and an in-depth inspection and backed with a limited warranty.

There is more and more talk about CPO cars because there are a lot more of them available. Mazda in Mokena are selling far more new cars and leasing more cars than ever before, the result is far more late model trade ins becoming available as well as more two and three year old cars coming off lease.

Even though a certified pre-owned car has passed a rigorous inspection, this doesn’t guarantee that it will not have problems. What you do know however is that the car will be superior to a used car and if there is an issue during the warranty period it will be taken care of by Mazda in Mokena.

Is a CPO car worth the additional money?

A typical CPO car will cost between 3 and 7 percent more than a regular used car. For those buyers who put peace of mind at the top of the list, the extra amount is well worth it. Although the warranties vary based on manufacturer it is reasonable to expect that you will get cover for a period between 12 and 24 months and a limit on mileage of 12 to 24 thousand.

What’s it all mean?

The bottom line is pretty straight forward. If you are looking for a late model used car with minimum miles on the clock and you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the car inspected by an independent mechanic and you are looking for a warranty; a CPO from Mazda in Mokena is a great deal.

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