Invisalign Vs Metal Braces: What To Choose In Fort Myers Florida

If your top searched term on your search engine is, “Finding an orthodontist near me” in the hopes of realigning your teeth, we want to help you obtain the most out of your treatment plan. You’ve come across braces and Invisalign as options to straightening your teeth. Unfortunately, it’s not always straight forward. Both treatments have proven to be effective with each holding several benefits over the other.

Today we will look at some Invisalign benefits that top over metal braces


Invisalign in Fort Myers, Florida, are clear trays that remain anonymous when fitted. Adults and image-conscious teens who don’t want metal brackets and wires running across their teeth may find Invisalign trays more appealing.

Offers comfort

Invisalign in Fort Myers, Florida, have no metal wires that keep pricking the inner sides of the cheeks. The trays guarantee comfort even when newly fitted.

They are removable

Metal braces are permanent over the treatment period. This means eating, brushing and flossing with the braces on. Invisalign in Fort Myers, Florida, beat this as they can be removed. The aligners allow you to eat, drink, brush and floss teeth seamlessly. This makes aligners a better choice as you don’t have to forgo certain foods.

Less treatment time

According to statistics, Invisalign trays realign teeth quicker, and its results are evident in less than two years. However, this depends on the severity of crooked teeth.

There’s still a lot to consider when weighing your options between the two. Reach us through our contact information provided in the site to book an appointment and talk to us. We will advise you to the best of our ability.

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