Interior and Exterior Painting Contractor in Tacoma, WA

When the paint starts to fade, chip, or peel, an entire room, office, house, or business can look shabby and neglected. It is definitely time to contact a Painting Contractor in Tacoma WA. While having an interior or exterior painted can be inconvenient, it is also a chance to give the space a clean and updated appearance. Changing the color can make the whole area seem new, bigger, brighter, and more inviting.

Factors to Consider

The first step, whether considering interior or exterior painting, is to get some accurate estimates. Price should never be the deciding factor, but it is an important one. Check with a few local companies to compare the costs of the project. Quality is another critical factor to consider. An experienced Painting Contractor in Tacoma WA will be able to provide an affordable estimate and deliver high-quality results. One contractor has been operating in the area since 1982 serving residential and commercial customers.

Customer Service is a consideration as well. Painting is a major project and can take some time depending on the size of the building for exteriors and the number of rooms to be painted for interiors. Discuss scheduling and timelines with the painting company to determine if there is flexibility to minimize inconvenience. Some contractors, for example, will have crews work nights and weekends for commercial properties to keep business interruptions to a minimum. Residential work can be scheduled during a family vacation, over a long weekend, or from specific hours during the day to accommodate the family’s routine.

Complete Services

Some companies just do the painting. That is what their crews excel at and is the only service provided. A full-service company will have professionals with the capacity to remove wallpaper, paint, repair crown moldings, add texture, and create a simple pattern when requested. Stripes can be taped off and painted in alternating colors. A checkerboard pattern can be completed in a hallway for something unique in the home.

A business owner may want the logo painted on the wall behind the reception area or on the wall facing every elevator when it opens. A company that will work with building owners to ensure a desired look or atmosphere is beneficial when ordinary and boring is not acceptable.

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