Installing A Cactus Garden And Border With Basic Supplies For Landscaping In Waukesha WI

A cactus garden that has a layer of paving blocks installed around it will draw attention to the property that borders the front of a home. The following project describes how to add this type of feature to a piece of property with standard supplies for landscaping in Waukesha, WI.


  *    measuring tape

  *    ground marking spray paint

  *    tiller

  *    large shovel

  *    topsoil

  *    small shovel

  *    cactus plants

  *    water hose

  *    decorative pebbles

  *    paving blocks

Marking And Clearing The Property

After measuring the property where the cactus garden will be installed, ground marking spray paint should be applied to the ground to outline the area. A garden tiller should be pushed across the property in straight lines to loosen weeds and grass. A large shovel can be used to transfer weeds and grass to another part of a yard. Shovelfuls of topsoil should be added to the cleared section if it is uneven. Raking the ground will assist with leveling the property.

Adding Cactus Plants And A Border

A small shovel can be used to dig holes that are evenly spaced apart. Each hole should be deep and wide enough to support the root system of a cactus plant. Once cactus plants have been placed in holes, their roots need to be covered with topsoil. A small amount of water should be applied to the base of each plant.The backside of a shovel can be used to flatten the soil that surrounds each plant. Decorative pebbles can be added to the dirt that surrounds each cactus. Pebbles will complement the appearance of each plant and will prevent weeds from growing next to the cacti.

Paving blocks need to be placed on top of the paint that was used to mark the outline for the cactus garden. Blocks should be placed sided by side and pressed down into the ground a little bit. By pressing paving stones firmly into the soil, the border will remain intact.

Bluemel’s Garden Center or a similar business supplies a wide range of supplies for landscaping in Waukesha, WI. A landscaping company can also assist with completing projects on a residential or business piece of property.

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