Increase the Exterior Beauty of That Home Using Experienced Siding Contractors in Lexington, KY

The exterior of a home can be its most important feature simply because it is the first thing that people see when they approach the place. Unfortunately, a house with old siding can look unkempt and give people the wrong impression. Siding Contractors in Lexington KY can help by repairing any damaged materials and restoring the beauty of the building. For example, a home that uses wood slats can develop rot in the siding. This can lead to holes that spread the length of the slat and even onto other boards. It is possible to protect this type of siding with paint, but the maintenance can get tiresome and people tend to neglect it.

One of the most common materials in modern siding is fiber cement. siding contractors in Lexington, KY prefer this product because it is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance. Fiber cement begins with a slurry of water, cement, cellulose fibers and proprietary fillers that are layered into a mold. The boards are cured in an autoclave and then sized as required. During its creation, the board is given a simulated wood grain. This gives each board a similar look and makes the overall exterior appear consistent. Most fiber cement boards come in white, but they can be painted if required. Combine the siding with fiber cement trim on the windows and doors and the exterior of the building should last for decades.

Another possible solution for exterior cladding is vinyl. Vinyl is a water resistant material that is a favorite for many property owners. One reason for this is that vinyl is easy to clean, just wash it with a mild soap and water solution. Rinsing the siding is important because the soap can leave a film that will eventually affect the appearance of the vinyl. Vinyl siding must be carefully installed for it to stay in place. The sheets have to float over the structure to reduce the chance of it warping or popping loose. Vinyl is secured with special anchors that prevent these problems. While vinyl is more affordable than other siding options, it may not survive as well when severe storms pass through. Learn more about exterior siding from the experts at Business Name.

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