Incorporating a Rustic Wood Door into Your Home

We rarely think of doors as statement pieces, but that’s exactly how we’re seeing these used today in interior design. In particular, doors from reclaimed wood or with other rustic elements are very popular in homes of several different styles. Here are five ways you can incorporate a rustic wood door into your home as a statement piece.

1. Front Door – Nowhere else in your home will a rustic wood door be as noticed as when you use one as a front door. For maximum impact, put an oversized doorframe on your front entrance, so that you can use a large, grand door to greet visitors. Make sure the rest of your exterior complements the style of the door.

2. Sliding Pantry Door – For a statement in your kitchen, create a wide doorframe and install a sliding barn style door to your pantry. The door becomes instant art, all the while keeping your flour and sugar out of sight.

3. Create a memorable powder room entry – Your powder room is one of the most visited rooms in your home. Treat your guests to a memorable door. Choose a cabin style door, or one made from aged barn wood.

4. Invite yourself into the bath. Many homes feature double doors from the master bedroom into the master bath. To make a beautiful private statement, choose a rustic wood door with frosted glass inserts as your bathroom entrance.

5. French doors onto the patio. Another great place to feature rustic wood doors is at the exit to your patio, sunroom or deck. This is a highly visible location in your home, where doors are sure to be noticed. This is another great place to use a door that features rustic elements paired with glass.

There are so many ways to use rustic doors in your home. We’re sure you can think of even more examples. These are unique ways to turn an ordinary room into a showstopper, whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your old one.

For these special door applications, you’ll likely want to have your door custom made. Choose a millwork company that can make doors to any specifications and that offers a wide range of styles and choices in wood. You won’t regret featuring a door in your home as an accent piece that brings style and function to your décor.

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