In Search Of The Perfect Chicken Salad Platter In Freehold, NJ

There are some days when you just crave a particular dish. There are also favorite dishes, and you may enjoy having them several times a month or even more frequently. For those in Freehold, NJ, finding a restaurant that offers the perfect variation on your favorite dish is a great feeling.

For many people, chicken is a favorite protein source that also offers health benefits that other meats may not. Look for a restaurant that offers natural chicken without hormone injections and preservative free preparation provides a nutritious and healthy meal option for a quick long or a long and relaxing dinner.

While rotisserie chicken, healthy fried chicken, and grilled chicken are popular with most who enjoy a great chicken meal, it is hard to beat a great chicken salad platter. This is a versatile meal option that can be a lunch or dinner option, and with many different choices, it can be enjoyed throughout the year and throughout the week.

Salad Options

Many of the top restaurants in Freehold, NJ offering chicken salad platter meals on their menu offer the option to choose the salad type, then add the chicken. They may also provide a chicken salad, which is a combination of chicken, mayonnaise, celery and, depending on the restaurant recipe, a variety of other ingredients from onion to fresh herbs.

For those who enjoy variety with a chicken salad platter, choosing different salad bases and then adding either crispy or grilled chicken as a topping allows for a lot of creative options.

A garden salad, Caesar salad or a Mediterranean salad can all be great salad bases throughout the year. Another interesting choice is a gorgonzola salad, which has the combination of gorgonzola cheese and roasted walnuts as well as bacon, cranberries, and, of course, your favorite chicken as a topping.

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