Improved Shopping and Purchasing Experiences With Apps for Distributors

An optimized web presence and mobile apps already assist distributors in vital sales and marketing activity. But native apps, in particular, are even more relevant to distributor needs and are more effective than a web presence. While web data helps with product pricing and availability, distributor-oriented apps are more effective in creating a scaled and personalized eCommerce experience.

Features of Mobile Apps

Over half of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and consumers continue to upgrade mobile apps to further streamline and maximize their online researching and shopping experience.

Of primary importance to consumers are convenience, data storage and speed. Apps for independent distributors promote these goals with such features as:

• Superior aesthetics on native apps

• Data and login access control

• Uncomplicated and fast native-app response time

• Improved security, payment and sensitive data transfer with native apps

An Improved Purchasing Experience

Native apps for independent distributors also enable a seamless, trouble-free and personalized B2B purchasing experience. Purchases can be made quickly via only a short sequence of clicks, which promotes the distributor’s popularity.

In short, a more efficient experience for users through native apps enables increased sales conversions and provides tools for more targeted and effective data-based marketing.

A Streamlined and Supportive Solution

Web-based mobile sites are limited to a web browser’s capabilities and are oriented toward getting web traffic. These limitations restrict efficiency and functionality. And because users call for faster and more effective purchasing options, easier to develop and easier to use mobile apps are a much more advantageous choice for distributors.

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