Improve Your Smile with Invisalign in Beverly Hills

A brilliant smile is something we all value. Your smile is the first thing people see when meeting you, making it an important piece of a first impression. It shows your smile and confidence. When crooked teeth hold you back from smiling, consequences can happen, especially during a job interview or certain social issues.

Invisalign in Beverly Hills can transform your smile.

Your confidence is boosted with straight teeth, allowing you to put on your best smile. Also, straight teeth are helpful for overall dental health. Cleaning is easier and problems are reduced when it comes to chewing or other oral functions. Gum disease, as well as bad breath, is reduced with better oral hygiene.

As an adult, thinking about braces can be difficult. Thoughts go back to when you were an adolescent and everything seemed awkward. Thankfully, advanced techniques today allow you to straighten your teeth in little time. Your smile can be improved allowing for an awesome first impression without the use of traditional metal braces, which not long ago, were the only available option.

An effective alternative to metal braces that is always growing in popularity is Invisalign. They are removable custom-made aligners which are clear and fit around your teeth securely. Over time, while you wear them, your teeth gently straighten. Invisalign in Beverly Hills can be an ideal option to improve your smile when appearance is a concern.

Invisalign Care

Caring properly for Invisalign braces is essential and important. You want to keep them looking new and fresh as well as avoid foul odors and discolorations. Simply brush the Invisalign aligners while simultaneously brushing your teeth. The recommended way to keep them clean is by using the Invisalign cleaning kit your orthodontist will show you.

Prior to first use, give your Invisalign a careful and thorough wash to remove any chalky residue. Also, when your aligners are removed while eating, give them a good rinsing or let them soak in a glass of water.

Cases for Invisalign must also receive a thorough cleansing. Bad odors may occur quickly and can be washed in the same way as the aligners but using dishwashing detergent.

A thorough examination can help you and your orthodontist figure out if Invisalign in Beverly Hills is right for you.

When appearance is an issue, Invisalign can be your answer. For more information, contact Studio City Orthodontist, or call (818) 452-5688.

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