Improve A Tired Lawn with Sod Installation Service In Ashburn, VA

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Landscaping

Those lawns that look patchy and full of weeds can sometimes be saved and improved with weed poison and a lot of work. But, part of those troublesome lawns cannot be saved by any method short of removing the old turf and properly preparing the soil for Sod Installation Service in Ashburn VA.

The new sod must have a proper watering system to support it. Lawns will require proper feeding and care to remain lush and healthy. It is also important to choose the correct variety of grass to install.

Which Kind Of Turf?

There are multiple choices of turf to purchase for home or commercial landscape areas. Some turf suppliers offer an inexpensive product. Other suppliers offer high-quality, mature sod that will last longer. The property owner must choose the company that will supply the correct sod for the area and installs it in the best way. Sod Installation Service in Ashburn VA includes more effort than throwing rectangles of sod on the unprepared ground and walking away with a large check.

Different varieties of sod work best in different climate conditions, different moisture and drainage situations, and with different soil types. Then, there are different sod growing methods. Netted sod is less expensive but has limitations. To grow netted sod, growers prepare the field, spread plastic netting over the soil, and spread the grass seed. The sod grows through the netting and can be harvested sooner because the netting holds it together. This sod is less mature at the point of sale and may not work for everyone. The netting may show through in places, and the sod is not as hardy.

The best type of sod is grown naturally without netting. It takes longer to be ready to harvest, but it is hardier and more attractive. This superior type of sod costs more at the beginning. The more mature root system on non-netted sod helps it to withstand stress.

Seed Types

Local sod companies must choose the best combination of grass types for their areas and climate conditions. One popular blend of seeds for companies such as Premier Turf Farms is a blend of three fescues and one bluegrass, with 10% being bluegrass. The University of Maryland and VA Tech recommend the best seed composition for that area every year. For more information, Browse our website.

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