Important Tips for Sprinkler Winterization Boulder CO Homeowners Need

Sprinkler systems help keep the entire yard hydrated in the summer and fall when rain is less likely to fall regularly. However, when the ground is frozen and there’s no need to run the sprinkler, there are some things a homeowner needs to do to make sure it works just as well in the spring as it did before the snow started to fall. Taking these simple steps will help a homeowner protect their investment in the sprinkler system as well as their lawn.


The most important aspect of Sprinkler Winterization Boulder CO homeowners must do is insulate. This can be a challenging job for someone who isn’t sure how to do it so many people hire a professional, preferably the company that installed their sprinklers, to do the insulation. Everything above the ground needs to be insulated, including the main shut off valve and piping.


Sprinkler systems work on timers so it’s important to make sure they don’t activate during the winter. Homeowners may be able to stop the valves from activating without having to reprogram their system in the spring. In order to ensure this step is complete, the wires connected to the master valve may need to be disconnected. By interrupting these vital connections as part of Sprinkler Winterization Boulder CO families won’t have to worry about the sprinkler activating accidentally during the winter months.


Water may remain in the pipes after the system runs and that needs to be drained before the sprinkler is turned off for the winter. Wards Lawn Service can help families with this step of the process to ensure water doesn’t freeze inside the pipes. To ensure all the water has been removed, homeowners should always seek help from a professional for this step.

A sprinkler system is a wonderful way to irrigate a large lawn. To protect the investment and maintain the value of the home, families should winterize their system every year. Visit the website to learn more about how a lawn expert can help protect the sprinkler and the lawn over the winter months, so it’s healthy and lush when the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom again.

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