Important Things to Look for in Hardwood Floor Cleaner

When you clean your beautiful hardwood floors, you can’t simply take a bucket and mop with some industrial strength chemical cleaning agents. Your flooring is made from wood that needs to breathe, and it’s important to use a hardwood floor cleaner that can do the job, but not harm the wood. Here are some good things to look for when you shop for the best cleaning product.

Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning

Your cleaning agent should be gentle enough to use on wood but also effective enough to get the job done. The best cleaning products will get rid of stubborn dirt and not harm your hands.


A great cleaning product is more than just a hardwood floor cleaner. In fact, you can use it on many types of floors because it has a PH that’s neutral. For example, you can use the same cleaner on your tile, concrete, linoleum, and bamboo flooring. It will work well for shelving and tables also.


Some cleaners are messy and not easy to use. However, the best cleaning products work by simply spraying them on and then wiping or mopping them off.

Good for the Environment

You should not have to worry about your cleaning products going down your drains and polluting the environment. That’s why most consumers today insist that their cleaning products are eco-friendly.


No one wants to spend too much money on a hardwood floor cleaner, so which product is the most cost-effective? The cleaning agents that give you the most value for your money are highly concentrated. In fact, once you buy a bottle of cleaner you don’t have to buy another one. You only need to buy a refill pod, place it in your empty spray bottle and add water. If you can find all these features in one product, you’ll enjoy many benefits.

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