Ignoring Septic System Problems Can Result In Major Damage

Slow-moving drains and foul smells within the home could be signs the septic system is in need of repair. A properly working septic system will not pose an environmental threat. A septic system that malfunctions can cause serious contamination to the ground water from the waste water and solids leaving a home. A wet and rancid-smelling mess can result on the property of a home when a septic system fails. It can pose a health risk to the family and pets within the yard. Water runoff can carry untreated sewage to surrounding properties and into streams and rivers in the area. Septic systems in Poulsbo WA need regular maintenance to stay in proper operating condition.

Bacteria, pollutants and viruses can contaminate the ecosystem and make the water unsafe for fish, swimming or drinking. A well can be contaminated by improperly treated sewage from a malfunctioning septic system in the area. With proper maintenance, a septic system will never have to be of concern to a homeowner or the surrounding area. Regular inspections should be performed on a septic system. A septic system that consists of a gravity drain field and a septic tank should be checked at least every three years. The number of occupants in a home will determine how often the septic tank should have the solids pumped out of the tank.

If the septic system has any other design, it may need to be checked more frequently. A homeowner can remove the lid on their septic tank and view how full the solids are within the tank. It is never recommended to let it get completely full. Solids can severely harm or completely destroy a drain field and block the pipes that transport the water into the ground. When the drain field becomes damaged, wet areas in the yard will develop. Once the drain field has become damaged, septic systems in Poulsbo WA will have to be performed.

Repairing the drain field of the septic system requires removal of the drain pipes through the use of a backhoe and installation of gravel and pipes will be necessary. This type of repair is necessary for the septic system to operate properly and eliminate the environmental impact it can cause.

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