If You See These Signs of Termites You Need to Call a Pest Control Company in Puyallup WA

While there are all types of insect pests that can plague a home, there is one that causes more damage than others. Though termites do not threaten a person’s health, they can certainly cause massive damages in a home. When termites are present in a home, they quickly begin to eat away at any wood they can find. These pests will consume flooring, wall supports, and furniture. If left alone, they can begin to cause structural damages that could cost thousands of dollars to repair. If a homeowner knows the signs to look for, they will know when to call a pest control company in Puyallup wa.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of the signs they need to look for so they end up overlooking some signs that could have warned them. When termites are present in a home, they may not show themselves since they live in walls, flooring, and ceilings. It is important a homeowner checks for weak spots in wood since this can mean termites are destroying the wood.

Termites also leave behind shed wings that are fairly easy to spot. They can often be found in piles in windows or along the walls. The experts say termite wings resemble fish scales. If piles of wings are found, the homeowner needs to call a pest control company in Puyallup wa right away. The longer homeowners wait to have their home treated, the more damage that is being done.

Termites can also create mud tube nests on the sides of a home. When these are seen, there is a good chance termites have entered the home. Homeowners may also look around the base of their foundation to determine whether or not termites are present. Since these insect pests love dark, moist environments, they will often hide under wet leaves and mulch around the home. Though this is not a definitive sign the pests have entered the home, it behooves an owner to have their home checked to be sure.

If you are a homeowner and have noticed any of these signs of termites, it is important you call for termite control services as soon as possible. Not only can they remove the termites but they can also protect your home from a re-infestation.

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