If You Are Looking for General Contractors, Find Them in San Antonio

In many cases, it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional than to take certain jobs on yourself. If you choose the wrong general contractors, it can lead to inferior workmanship and delays. There are steps that a homeowner can take when selecting professional contractors; steps that will ensure that you and the contractor have a solid working relationship.

Is the Contractor Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Contractors in San Antonio that are licensed and insured are bound to be credible. A licensed contractor must know all the local and state building codes and processes. If the contractor you hire is not insured, it can be a major problem. If a worker is injured or the crew damages other people’s property, you will be responsible. Never hire a contractor that is not licensed and insured.


Take time to determine if the contractors you are considering have experience in the type of work that needs doing. There are many project related codes and regulations that must be met. You want to hire a contractor that knows what is required.

Who Is Doing the Work?

When you hire general contractors, you expect them to be on the job. It is perfectly acceptable for the general contractor to hire subs for such things as plumbing and electrical work. However, it is imperative that one person assumes responsibility. It is not your job to direct the work of anyone other than your choice of general contractor in San Antonio.

Look at Examples of the Contractors Work

A good way to assess a contractor’s work is to see work that they have done in and around the San Antonio area. In this way, you can see the level of quality, and you can see designs that the contractor developed. Looking at past projects is a good way of seeing the type of work the contractors specialize in.

If you have a project and you are looking for general contractors, contact Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio. Visit our website for additional information on the company and its projects.

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