If and which Glass Skylight?

Many homeowners are making an uneducated choice to install skylights into their roofs, hopefully increasing the value and saleability of their properties.  Quality glass skylights transform interiors, offering increased energy efficient home giving solar enhancement whilst adding an inspiring outdoor ambience to indoor spaces Caution is required when selecting your supplier and product, beware of many low cost, low specification products that may likely have an adverse effect on your property.  A skylight can also create you problems!

Fixed skylights, walkable skylights and opening access skylights can add immense value to lifestyle and property value when chosen correctly but first check out the credentials of your supplier with accreditations granted and the company history, if in doubt ask for user references from the past to verify longevity. Then look at the specification, this can be mind boggling for the layman so look for a trusted brand who will advise well and sell the product most fit for purpose.

Factors to consider when poisoning your glass skylight
1. Solar gain
2. Environmental Deposits
3. Accessibility and Maintenance
4. Effects of UV
5. Privacy

Factors to consider when selecting skylight specification
1. Thermal performance of glass
2. Thermal performance of framework
3. Security of glass
4. Security of opening devices
5. Risk of walk on
6. Accessibility to opening devices
7. Power failure back up
8. Personnel access
9. Climate control devices

Factors to consider when selecting your skylight supplier
1. History
2. Accreditations
3. Thermally broken framework
4. Security against break in
5. Aesthetics of rooflight design
6. Simplicity of installation
7. Testing of electrically operated skylights
8. Terms of guarantee

Risks with a bad choice of skylight
1. Under performing glass that can be cause for heat loss and gain
2. Low security, avoid those with external fixing caps, these are easily removed
3. UV degradation, fading of fabrics with tempered glass, film coating or blinds
4. Thermal breakage, use tempered or heat strengthened glass
5. Roof leaks, avoid framed systems, ‘Flushglaze’ style is leak proof
6. Glass seal failure, double sealed with Flushglaze design
7. Lengthy install times, use factory assembled products were practical
8. Safety, glass selection based on risk assessment

Skylight Installation
For an existing building the installation cost for skylights will most likely be much higher than the actual skylight. Preparing the roof structure and upstand, making good roof membranes and internal finishes require professional tradesman. If installing larger rooflights you will most likely require a Structural Engineer to approve any removal of roof timbers and assess ant additional roof loads.

Glazing Vision have pioneered many skylight designs and developed a range based on 20 years of learning and reinvestment.

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