Ideas To Consider For Warehousing In Birmingham, AL

As a business owner or manager, you understand how important it is to have a cost-effective option for both warehousings as well as inventory management for items stored outside of your facilities. In Birmingham, AL, as well as in other areas of the country, this has become more of an issue as companies simply cannot afford in-house warehouse facilities.

The cost for a business to warehouse products in their facility is staggering. This includes not only the cost of the construction but also the cost of year-round heating and cooling, lighting, equipment, staffing and even after all of those costs, the company needs to have or hire trucking and distribution equipment and staff.

The 3Rd Party Solution

A more cost effective option for warehousing for businesses both large and small is to use a third party warehousing service. These are often operated by moving companies, private warehousing facilities or as their own unique business.

These facilities each offer different features, options, and services, and there can be a very wide range in the price as well as what you can expect. As with most third party types of services, there may be comprehensive packages for services and warehousing or it may be a pay per service type of arrangement.

Cost Saving

Any business in Birmingham, AL looking into the cost of the third party charges compared to the cost of building and maintaining their warehouse soon realizes the advantages.

Costs of buying equipment to use both in the facility, as well as trucks to complete deliveries, are another cost-saving feature. When you work with the same warehousing service, you can trust that they will treat your customers like their own, something that isn’t always maintained when hiring independent delivery services on an as-needed basis.

Other Considerations

In addition to the cost savings, it is also important to realize with the third party providers the items stored can be moved internally, stored as required and delivered on your schedule. Many of the top providers offer full inventory control through bar-coding, asset tagging and cataloging services.

With this type of warehousing, reporting and real-time information on deliveries, fulfillment, and new inventory receiving, you have full control over your inventory regardless of its location in the United States or even in international countries.

The right warehousing services for businesses in Birmingham, AL, are not always in-house. It is worth the time to compare the costs and services with in-house and third party providers before making a decision.

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