Ice Makers and Water Dispensers are A Business Must-Have

Types of Ice Makers with Water Dispensers

When you go to a local fast-food restaurant, and you want something to drink, you will be using an ice maker and water dispenser, as well as getting a soft drink to complete your meal. There are large selections of ice and water dispensers, including various sizes and configurations. These include countertop, wall mounted, stand alone, and under-counter models with various dispensing options that involve infrared, safety touch and lever. Ice maker and water dispenser models also include removable, essential, and remote ice delivery technology to be customized for various business needs.

Types of Ice Makers

The ability to have ice is a vital part of many service-oriented businesses. From hotels, bars, supermarkets, restaurants, medical institutions, fast-food businesses, and many other industries, an ice maker and water dispenser is a critical part to the success of their operations. Ice makers with water dispensers can provide fresh quantities of ice cubes, identified as cubes, flakes, scale, nuggets, crushed, super flakes, and gourmet ice cubes, in commercial and residential environments. This important ice making equipment is available as a freestanding unit, a countertop unit, conventional models or touch-free models.

Modern-Day Ice Makers and Water Dispensers

Ice making machines have been around since the early 50s. They are continually manufactured with innovation, fresh water research, and superior quality. The combination of an ice maker and water dispenser merges reliability, durability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and easy maintenance for all types of businesses. Their modern-day smart technology gives anyone who uses them, 100% pure water. Ice can accumulate harmful chlorine sediments, causing bad odors and a bad taste to beverages. So, during the freezing process, the minerals that can become dissolved in water are forced out.

Filters and Ice and Water Dispensers

Additional contaminants that can accumulate in a poorly run, filtered ice maker, includes:

* Particulates as sediment, causes wear and tear on ice makers, all of which can ruin the taste and appearance of the water itself as well as the ice it produces.
* Scale is hardened minerals that can build-up on ice machine surfaces. This decreases ice production and increases the energy needed to run an ice maker.

Ice maker and water dispenser units require the best in a quality filter system. A filter system in an ice maker should be larger than the amount of water that the machine will use in between filter changes. The filter system should have large amounts of activated carbons to reduce chlorine and to provide better taste and keep the ice and water, odor free.

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