Hyper-Accurate Vibration Analysis In Fort Worth Using Precision Lasers

Many modern industrial processes depend on properly functioning machinery. Equipment can be compromised when rotating parts begin to go out of proper alignment. The inefficiencies are minor at first but will be compounded with time. The immediate effect is increasing vibration transmitting through the frame into every moving part. These vibrations set up stress conditions degrading the physical structure of the machine’s components until a breakdown occurs. And, even before that point is reached, production can be affected by defects induced by the improperly functioning machine.

Industrial vibration analysis in Fort Worth relies on the use of precision laser equipment to detect flaws developing in a machine unit. In previous times, such analysis involved a lot of physical measurement using plumb-bobs, machinist levels, piano wires, and a degree of guesswork. Measurements would take days and required repeated application and comparison of results before the technician could be sure of the readings. This meant extended down times for machines, lost production, and considerable repair expense.

Such is no longer the case. Laser measuring devices are capable of giving immediate readings to within a very tight set of parameters compared to an initial static test firing. This enables service technicians to not only carry out faster repairs on affected machines but perform regular preventative maintenance as well. The value of the latter translates into a greatly reduced necessity for repairs by revealing problems before they become noticeable to ordinary human perception. Accuracy down to .001 mm enables the technicians to measure the smallest occurrence of a flaw in a moving part.

The corrections can be carried out during the technician’s visit and the machine put back in service within hours rather than days or weeks. Often, these corrections involve no more than simple recalibration and alignment. The laser equipment used for the analysis is capable of performing several measurements in the course of the maintenance procedure. These include dynamic tracking of planar alignments, 3D optical vibration measurement, and real-time data point comparison analysis. Because of the immediacy of results and the accuracy of the scans, adjustments can be performed during the measurement process using computer analysis as a guide.

Schedule an appointment for maintenance service. Ensuring the proper functioning and maximization of the service lives of production machinery is of the utmost value to any industrial operation. Our technicians have many years experience carrying out fast and effective Vibration Analysis in Fort Worth. Contact us today.

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