How You Can Assist Your Loved One During Dementia Care in Fairfax

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Retirement & Assisted Living Facility

Some residential communities that offer dementia care in Fairfax provide services for every stage of memory loss using a personalized approach. During this time, your family can contribute to the wellness of your loved one.

Sharing Stories

Sharing stories with your loved one receiving dementia care in Fairfax encourages open communication. Even when someone struggles to remember the details of a story related to their life events, communicating remains valuable. The time you spend with your loved one telling and listening to stories can prevent them from becoming withdrawn. You can help someone with dementia improve their self-esteem by encouraging conversation and listening because it can help them feel valued and heard. It is also an excellent way to build social connections.

Staying Active

Among the ways to support your loved one is encouraging physical activity. That is often a critical aspect of memory care problems because it helps to stimulate brain function. The best scenario is enjoying the same activities your loved one engaged in before the illness, which often involves walking. Improved cognition, sleep, and memory are some of the many benefits of walking, even when the distance is short. Some patients with dementia engage in more advanced activities, like yoga. You can communicate with the care provider to learn more ways to help your loved one enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Contact The Virginian Retirement Community for information about dementia care in Fairfax. Find out what’s involved in memory care and how it benefits your loved one.

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