How to Use Enclosure Cards in Your Wedding Invitations

From letting your guests know that your wedding is adults only to telling them where you are registered, filling out wedding invitation cards can be a confusing undertaking. You may be worried about offending someone if your wording is not correct or that the details are not clear. If you are ready to sit down and fill out your wedding cards, using enclosure cards is an effective way to include extra details and make the day more enjoyable for everyone.

Enclosure Cards Let You Use Proper Etiquette for Gift Requests

If you and your spouse would like to request a cash gift in lieu of gifts, you can use an enclosure card to let you guests know it. This will help you avoid what might be seen as a breach of etiquette, as some people believe that a cash request has no place in traditional wedding invitation cards. Remember to use proper wording when creating your enclosure card; for example, you could say something like, “Because we are saving for our first home/car, a cash gift is appreciated in lieu of other gifts.” While it is not necessary to spell out why you are requesting cash, doing so is simply good manners.

Include a Dress Code on Enclosure Cards

You may be planning an elegant wedding and want to request that your guests dress a certain way, and including an enclosure card with your wedding invitation cards are one way to give them specific details. You can politely request that a certain dress code is followed for a traditional event or use the card to direct guests to your wedding website, where you can add specific details about what will be considered proper attire. Be polite but firm in your wording, especially if you want your guests to take the dress code seriously.

Attendance Details Can Be Made Clearer

Including an enclosure card in your wedding invitation cards can make details about how many people can attend clearer to your guests. For example, if you are having a small wedding due to budget reasons, you can enclose in your invitations that let your guests know that they should not bring their children or additional family members. You might politely explain on the card that the invitation is for the people listed on the envelope only to keep your guests from assuming they can bring others. This will avoid confusion and embarrassment when your wedding day arrives.

Filling out your wedding invitation cards is a process that can be made easier by pairing them with enclosure cards. Wedding invitation cards and enclosure cards can often be purchased together from a wedding stationary company. Visit

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