How to Understand Renter’s Insurance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The most common types of insurance here in the United States includes health, auto, life, and home insurance. Renters insurance Oklahoma City, OK, is quite popular, too, though it’s different from homeowner’s insurance. Keep reading to learn the ropes of renter’s insurance.

What’re the Basics of Renter’s Insurance?

An estimated one-third of all Americans rent their current places of residence. Renter’s insurance covers the property within your residence, such as clothes, electronics, and appliances; damages arising from personal liability (i.e., injuries sustained by someone within your residence); medical bills for yourself or someone else resulting from injuries sustained within your residence; and additional living expenses (i.e., if your apartment burns down, renter’s insurance covers the cost of a short-term stay in a hotel).

What Makes Renter’s Different from Homeowner’s Insurance?

The primary difference in these two policies is that renter’s insurance does not offer dwelling coverage, or damage sustained by the residence itself. You shouldn’t worry about this, as renters don’t own the buildings they live in.

The Most Important Thing about Shopping for Renter’s Insurance

You need to know what will be covered in various potential events, such as if someone steals your belongings. You also need to inform your insurance provider of all the belongings in your home before signing up for a renter’s insurance policy to make sure they’ll all be covered. Thoroughly document your ownership of such items.

We’ll Help You with Renter’s Insurance

We’re Action Plus Insurance and we’re willing to help you secure renters insurance in Oklahoma City, OK. Visit us online at  to figure out where to go from here to secure your very own policy. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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