How to Tell When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

In the grand schemes of life, it’s a given fact that accidents occur. They may not be commonplace, thankfully, and they’re events of such rarity that each one redefines us and the way we think about life – but the fact is, we all go through them, and more than one. But the question is – do we need to consult with a legal professional every time life plays us into the hands of injury?

Not every accident is as severe as another. Whether it’s a doctor’s careless mistake costing you time and pain, or an auto crash leaving you both financially and physically damaged, perhaps even crippled, there are times in both cases when professional lawyers are warranted and necessary to help you wholesomely overcome this tragic chapter in your life, and there are times when other elements jump in to make things right.

When You Can Handle the Trouble

With regards specifically to car accidents, there are cases wherein dealing with the aftermath of a car accident without the legal backing of a lawyer is fine. This is especially true in states with no-fault auto insurance.

As per the Insurance Information Institute’s official website, no-fault insurance entails that regardless of how fault is calculated in a case, it’s the insurance companies of the individual victims of a car crash that cover their injuries. That means, even if you’ve unwittingly caused the crash, your insurance company must pick up the tab. This is the norm here in Tampa.

There are, of course, a few exceptions.

How Injuries Matter

No matter whether you’re in a no-fault state where your insurance company picks up the tab, or one of the fault states, the severity of your injuries and the amount of money your insurer can cover you for matters.

Unless you’ve been insured a full payment for your injuries and then some, injury lawyers in Tampa can help you sue the opposite party for damages, pain and suffering if they were at fault during the accident. It’s then, in the case of severe or long-term injuries, that you need to act swiftly to secure your financial and physical future.

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