How to Tell If Your Sewer Pipes Are Cracked

If a sewage pipe in your home or yard becomes cracked or broken, you will want to identify and solve the problem as rapidly as possible. Are you trying to determine whether your home may need cracked pipes repair in Riverdale? As sewer problems develop, they are likely to exhibit certain signs. Consider watching for some of the following issues:

Blockages and Backups

Occasional blockages and backups are common and may not always be indicative of a much larger problem. If you are experiencing consistent or repeated backups or slow drains, however, this may be a sign that your sewer pipes are cracked, damaged or significantly clogged. If you experience frequent backups into your lowest drain, consider calling an expert to evaluate the situation and determine the full extent of the problem.

Unpleasant Odors

A persistent sewage odor may be another indication that you need cracked pipes repair in Riverdale. If you notice a distinct, unpleasant sewer smell in or around your home or building, you will probably need to contact a professional plumber. In general, the smell of sewage should not be present unless there is a crack or leak in a pipe.

Lawn Issues

The most obvious indication of damaged pipes may appear on your lawn or in your yard. Do you see visible pools of septic waste? If so, this is a serious problem that should be addressed immediately. In some cases, you may not see visible pools of waste water; instead, you may notice patches of grass that are especially lush and green. This could be a sign of a more subtle leakage from the sewer pipes beneath your lawn.

Dealing with the Problem

If you need cracked pipes repair in Riverdale, you should not delay addressing the situation. Try to contact a local plumbing expert if you notice persistent blockages and backups, unpleasant sewer odors, lawn issues or other potential signs of trouble. Visit website for more information.

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