How to Select the Proper 4 Awg Welding Cables

by | May 26, 2016 | Business

Choosing the right welding cable for the job is vital. So here are a few tips on how to find the right one:

  1. Get the right welding cable size.

You can use a welding size chart to determine the wire that works best for your applications. Pay particular attention to the wire gauge, length of the wire and even the diameter weight. Also factor in other technical details, as well as different colors available to you.

  1. Keep essential details in mind.

That doesn’t just include your wire gauge; you have to consider the voltage rating of the wire as well. Measure the length of the wire. If there are any other details that the chart doesn’t cover, then go for sizes larger than those in your required specs. It’s better to have to allow for some leeway rather than realize that the wire is too short.

  1. Match it to the application.

Need it for welding applications? Then you’ll have to get two types, one that allows you to connect the machine to the electrode and another cable to connect machine to the work piece. Those two cables should readily form a complete circuit.

  1. Think about ampacity.

Also known as the amperage capacity, it’s the maximum amount of electrical current your cable can safely handle. Also, electrical resistance is greater at higher temperatures so keep those cables in well-ventilated areas. Make sure you don’t pile them together since that creates more heat.

  1. Look for a reliable manufacturer.

Consider the reputation of the company you’re buying those cables from. It’s best to choose one that already enjoys a long-standing reputation in the industry. That way, you know you’re buying from a reliable source.

  1. Go for quality.

Never compromise on the quality of the welding cables. While it can be incredibly tempting to go for cheap options, your cost-savings won’t get you very far, especially if you have to spring for replacements soon after.

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