How to Prevent Mildew and Mold in Your Kitchen

You may have considered that a water filter should only be installed in your kitchen and other areas where you require access to clean drinking water. However, a visit to your bathroom showroom in Columbus Ohio will help you understand more about filtered water for your shower and tub.

Understanding Water Treatments

The experts at your local bathroom showroom in Columbus Ohio can explain the different types of water treatment systems that exist for your home. Some are associated with drinking water and others to reduce the water hardness that can damage your bathroom equipment.

For drinking water, you may be introduced to carbon filters. These are regularly replaceable filters that attach directly to your faucet or within your water system that feeds the cold-water supply for your refrigerator.

These carbon filters reduce organic compounds within the water and will reduce the minerals added for the safety of water as dictated by the utility companies where you live.

You may have heard of the terms hard water and water softeners. Hard water features a buildup of calcium and magnesium in your water supply. This produces the extra scale that is found in water heaters and all your appliances and shower heads and faucets around your tub and vanity.

Your bathroom showroom in Columbus Ohio will explain how a water softener takes your hard water through a process that reduces the calcium and softens the water. This would reduce the green hard water effect you will see around a shower head.

Without a water softener, your shower head will eventually become less effective as the holes will begin to block and a water softener is required to ensure the calcium does not build up within the shower head.

Your bathroom showroom is full of experts with great experience, and they can help make your bathroom experience far better and less expensive updating parts and inviting your plumber to repair hard water problems.

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