How to Prepare Your Body for a Hot Yoga Class

Hot yoga is a relatively new practice in yoga and can also be referred to as Bikram yoga. The room is heated to make your workout more intense, and the poses are harder on the body. Hot yoga allows you to get a deeper stretch in your muscles, has detoxification qualities, and reduces your risk of injury during the session. There are many health benefits to hot yoga, but there are some things you need to do to prepare for your hot yoga class.

Drink plenty of water
During hot yoga, your body is going to sweat more, so you need to be well-hydrated. While you may not want to drink too much within the hour before your class begins, you’ll want to drink plenty of water the night before the class. If you drink too much water right before, you may need to go to the bathroom during class; disrupting your focus and making your body readjust to the heat.

Think about what you’re wearing
During your hot yoga session, you’re going to be sweating, so you may want to switch out your light-colored pants and shirt to a darker color that won’t show as much. You may also want to consider putting on different layers. It will get hot, so you want to have some options so you don’t overheat. Your hot yoga class may not be the day to wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants.

You want to be prepared for your session of hot yoga to reap all of the benefits of it. Hot yoga is a relaxing and detoxifying experience. You need to come prepared so you can better enjoy the session. If you’re looking for hot yoga classes in Williamsburg, VA, Studio South offers several unique hot yoga experiences, so you can find the right one for you.

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