How to Pack Moving Boxes in Plymouth, MA

When you are planning a move, you need to make sure that you know what can and cannot be packed and moved by movers, and what you yourself need to transport. For instance, you cannot transport items such as propane, gasoline, or other flammables on a moving truck. Because of laws and insurance regulations, these items cannot be transported by a moving company.

Packing Boxes

When packing moving boxes in Plymouth, MA, you also need to know some tricks of the trade. For example, you should never pack heavy books in a big box. Doing so will defeat the purpose of placing them in the container. Instead, place heavier items such as books in a small moving box and save lighter items for larger boxes. This will make the boxes easier to carry.

Moving a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TVs should also be moved and packed in moving boxes. Pack the modem or cable box each in a separate box and label them so they are easily accessible and can be put up in your new home. The refrigerator should be loaded last on moving day. If you are placing the fridge in storage, clean it before it is moved.

Do You Need to Move a Mirror?

When you use the services of a reliable mover, the company can pack your moving boxes or you can choose to do it yourself. If you wish to streamline the process and reduce the stress of the move, it may be better to leave the packing to the professionals. Again, if you are packing heavy items, use a smaller container. Use a picture or mirror carton to transport a mirror or favorite painting. Mattress bags or cartons are also available.

Call for a Free Quote

If you wish to schedule an appointment, call about receiving a free quote. Give the mover some idea of what you are planning to move, the move date, and the volume of items that will be transported to your new residence.

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