How to Pack for an International Move

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Moving

Relocating to another country is nothing like moving from Knoxville to Chattanooga or even from New York to Los Angeles. You could be moving away for a very long time and it might be years before you return to the United States, if ever. All of your international moving plans must have “finality” issues and this includes packing for your journey. Here are a few helpful packing tips to make it a little easier on you and your family.

What Are You Going to Do with All Those Clothes?

You probably have far too many clothes to bring with you. Remember, the more things you take, the more it costs and the less room you have for important items. As soon as you are certain about international moving, separate all your clothes into two groups. One group stays in Knoxville while the other group goes with you.

Maybe you have a lot of winter clothes and you are relocating to a tropical climate. Perhaps the situation is reversed. Some clothes may be perfectly good but they will just not be suitable in your new country. Sell what you can and then give away or donate the rest.


Big screens televisions, radios and stereos will probably cost too much to move. You should consider including them in your moving sale. Hair dryers and most electrical appliances should be sold too. After all, they may not even work in your new home, because the electricity may be different.

Convert Paperwork

The best way to move most of your paperwork is by converting it to digital format. This way you can store it in the cloud and it can save a lot of time packing and shipping. The more things you can eliminate, the fewer international moving expenses in Knoxville you’ll have to worry about.

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