How to Make the Most of Moving Services in Birmingham AL

Moving can be both exciting yet stressful, frustrating and time-consuming. However, there are ways to mitigate some of the more painful and nerve-wracking parts of the process if some basic tips are followed.

Avoid the Crowd
The beginning and end of each month are the busiest times for moving, so it is best to book in the middle of the month, if possible. During this time of the month, moving companies tend to have more time to provide the best moving services possible such as full or partial packing and crating, staging and organizing and specialty packing for the most delicate and treasured items.

The summer months are also the busiest as families try to get settled in before a new school year. The fall and spring are the best seasons for moving. If a move must be done over the summer, then holidays such as July Fourth or Labor Day should be avoided, as people try to turn these holidays into long weekends and employ moving services. Birmingham, AL is one city where there is a big demand for moving during the summer.

Scheduling the Date
The date for the move should be one that is best for the moving company. This might mean choosing a date when the company is least busy and able to provide its best crew giving the move its full attention. Listen to the recommendations of the mover and set the date based on their availability.

Also, especially in the summer and in a city such as Birmingham AL, book a time that is the first available start time of the day. Whatever that time is, work around their schedule as this will most likely ensure that their moving services will run like clockwork and be less stressful for everyone.

Requesting Insurance
It is preferable to have full-value moving insurance as opposed to basic standard repair coverage insurance that often pays about $0.60 per pound, per item towards replacement or repair, regardless of the price of the value of the item.

Full-value replacement coverage covers the full value of every item listed in the moving inventory. This coverage is available as a paid upgrade but is relatively inexpensive and worth the expenditure for more valuable and perhaps irreplaceable items.

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