How to Make Internet Connections Easier at Large Events

If you’re an event planner, you’re aware of the vast increase in the number of smart devices used at any venue.  Those users aren’t just checking email anymore; they’re using bandwidth hungry apps. As a planner, you’ll need to have an event Internet system that’s up to the task. Not only does it have to be robust, but it has to handle the unpredictability and movement of large crowds.

Wifi Rental Comes to the Rescue

The challenge of providing a consistent event Internet connection can be met by renting a personalized Wifi system. You can rent it for as long as you need it and select a system that will meet your specific needs and can accommodate hundreds of users at once. This is great for concerts, where everyone wants to stream the music directly to their friends who couldn’t come. With unlimited data and expanded bandwidth, they’ll be excited to tell those same friends how epic the venue was.

Preparing for the Unknown

Planning for event Internet would be easier if you could predict the future. Stable, in-house systems are built for just that: a stable environment with a known number of users in reasonably reliable places. Large venues like stadiums, sports arenas, outdoor theaters and sales exhibitions have lots of people moving around. You don’t know who will be where at any given time. If a sports star is taking selfies in the lobby, he’ll be surrounded by fans.  If the spinning wheel of death hits those fans in the face as they try to live stream their interactions, you’ll have lots of annoyed people. No one, in any business, can afford unsatisfied customers.

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