How To Maintain A Chain Link Fence In Chicago

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Fence Contractor

Chain link fencing is popular for both homes and business, due to it’s inexpensive nature and practical approach to security. It’s an easy way to ensure that pets and children stay safely in your yard, and helps to keep unwanted intruders out of businesses. While it’s relatively easy to care for a chain link fence, there are certain things that must be done, and certain elements to look out for, to ensure it stays in optimal condition for as long as the fencing system is needed. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a chain link fence in Chicago.

Check For Damage On A Regular Basis

Check for rust build up on the posts. With most chain link fencing systems, these areas are made of metal and could be subject to rust in certain conditions. Also check for signs of damage to the chain link itself, including any type of debris that may be warping it out of shape or any signs that an intruder has tried to cut his or her way through. There is a chance that the chain link hasn’t been coated in a sealant, making it subject to rust just as the posts are.

Clean Your Fence

Another way to be sure that rust doesn’t build up, and that your fence looks newer longer is to clean it on a regular basis. A good way to keep your fence clean is to make a solution of borax mixed with water. In addition to being a cleansing agent that doesn’t have any harsh detergents, borax also acts as a natural pesticide, helping to keep your lawn or the areas surrounding your fence free from weeds. Let the solution sit for a few minutes and then hose it off with cold water. To prevent rust, dry off the fence with a clean cloth.

Remove Rust

Use steel wool and water to remove any early indicators of rust build up. If you catch the rust fast enough you won’t have to resort to harsh chemicals, making it easier to remove and better for the environment.

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