How to Know When You Need Auto Transmission Parts

If you own a vehicle, there may come a day when you need to know when you need auto transmission parts. Here is a few of the common transmission issues so you will be able to know if your transmission is in need of repair.

Car Hesitation May Show Need for Auto Transmission Parts
If your vehicle is hesitating when you try to put it into gear, that could show transmission problems and a need for auto transmission parts. If there is a delay in shifting to the proper gear, then something is likely wrong with the transmission such as the clutch needing to be replaced.

Car Makes Strange Clunking or Whining Sounds
If your car is making some odd noises like humming, whining or clunking, it could also signal the need for auto transmission parts. This could happen when you try to change gears in a manual transmission vehicle. Be sure to have such noises checked out immediately.

Car is Leaking or Low on Transmission Fluid
If you notice some red liquid leaking onto your driveway, this could be a leak of transmission fluid. Your car needs this fluid to lubricate and keep the transmission running properly. This likely means there is a hole in your transmission that needs to be fixed. But if the leaked fluid is brown or smells burnt, it could mean more extensive repairs are needed.

Car is Jerking or Shaking
Your car shouldn’t shake or jerk while running, as this means something is likely wrong with the gears. Manual transmissions may make a grinding noise to show a problem, and it could mean you need a new clutch while automatic transmissions will act up by causing your car to jerk or shake, and both mean a trip to get new auto transmission parts, so pay attention to your car’s noises.

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