How to Keep Your Office Clean in Between Cleanings in Grand Rapids, MI

Everyone feels good in a healthy clean environment, and that’s why companies reach out for help from janitorial cleaning specialists Grand Rapids MI. Cleaning services can help your office or commercial space looks spick-and-span, making people feel comfortable about coming to work every day. Companies often schedule daily cleanings, but if your office gets cleaned less frequently, you may be looking to get more information about ways that you can keep your office looking clean in between those cleanings. The following tips can help.

Make Sure That Everyone Picks Up After Themselves

It’s very easy throughout the day to leave coffee cups, paper, and random pieces of trash throughout an office space. This can quickly lead to clutter that makes the space look less than hospitable. Make it a general rule that everyone should clean up after themselves so that the space remains pleasant for everyone.

Wipe Down Your Desks

It takes literally a second to wipe up your desk at the end of the day. This helps prevent dust accumulation, and helps keep the place looking spotless. Remind everyone to not forget to do the same with their computer keyboards and monitors.

Have Someone Do a Quick Wipe Down of the Bathroom

Bathrooms get dirty really quickly. Make sure that everyone uses the wastebaskets and sanitary containers inside the restroom regularly. Have someone come to the restroom once a day to do a quick wipedown of the counters, sinks, and floors to make sure that everything looks great.

At A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services, we want to help you keep your space looking spotless. Reach out to us through our website or via phone to get more information about janitorial cleaning specialists Grand Rapids MI.

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