How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy During Allergy Season

When springtime approaches, do you just dread it with all your heart? Are you mentally preparing yourself for the itchiness, the burning, and the redness? Are you too focused on the discomfort in your eyes to stop and smell the flowers? Well, the spring season does not have to mean suffering through allergies once again. It is about time that you put an end to the irritation! Here are some of the best tips to keep your peepers healthy during allergy season. Follow them and you may actually be able to welcome springtime with open arms!

Stalk The Pollen Report

When you catch the daily news on the television or your cell phone, be sure to pay attention to the pollen report. Most news channels and sources will offer the pollen count for the day, and may even put a rating for the day. So if the pollen count is particularly high, then you can take extra care to keep your eyes protected. How do you stay sane if there are loads of allergens floating around? Well, be sure to refrain from mowing the lawn or hitting the woods on those days. Also try to spend as much time indoors as possible and keep windows and doors shut. Instead, opt for fans or air filters if you can.

Wash That Hair

Another important thing is to wash your hair before you hit the hay. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. All day long you are out and about, and no doubt you are going to go outside for a bit. When you do, all of those allergens get nestled into your hair, so be sure that you are not dragging them into bed with you! Wash your hair before you call it a night, and you may also want to keep your shoes outside or at least in another room besides your bedroom. As for your clothes, you should only wear them once during the spring season. Wash them regularly to prevent a build-up of sneeze-inducing particles in your home.

Hit The Pharmacy

Finally, you may have to get some over-the-counter medications for your allergies. If things are really bad, then speak to a specialist in eye care in Chicago. They will be able to prescribe a medication that could help to clear sinuses and relieve red eye and irritation. Relief is closer than you think! Just stay the course and get ready to embrace spring!

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