How to Implement Easy AC Maintenance in Wyoming, MI

One of the best ways to have a comfortable, healthful living environment is to maintain clean indoor air. Unwanted substances such as outdoor toxins, allergens, dust, and dirt can get into the air household occupants breathe. To minimize exposure to these materials, it’s necessary to perform regular AC Maintenance in Wyoming MI. The following tips will help a homeowner implement a simple routine for achieving sanitized indoor air.

Regular Air Filter Changes

A primary way to protect the functionality of an AC system is to regularly change the air filter. Reusable filters and disposable filters can greatly reduce the amount of smoke, virus carriers, mold, smog, and microscopic allergens in the air that travels throughout a home. Frequent air filter changes can also lessen strain on the internal parts of an AC system. It’s beneficial to change an air filter once a month. A reusable filter can be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Check Condensate Drains

As excess water exits an AC system, it may carry materials that can clog the drain channels. Also, mold, mildew, and algae can accumulate in these drain lines. All of these unwanted substances can create a blockage that causes water to back up into the AC system. A smart prevention for this potential problem is to use a stiff wire to clear the drain lines. It’s helpful to do this about once a month.

Clean and Air Conditioner Components

To prevent damage to an AC system, clean the outdoor unit approximately once every three months. This may involve removing leaves, grass clippings, and refuse from around the unit. Ensure that the power is shut off to the AC unit before using a garden hose to spray to remove these items. It’s also necessary to check the condenser after cleaning the outside unit. Look for cracked or chipped fan blades. Replace or repair these as needed. Clean the condenser carefully.

By implementing these simple suggestions, it will be easier to prolong the usefulness of an AC system. Regular AC maintenance in Wyoming MI will also help preserve a clean home environment. For information on AC services, talk to a specialist at Kroll Furnace Co., Inc.’s. Click here to view the services offered by this group of helpful technicians.

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