How To Hire For Implicit Bias Training Classes

Many companies today, including large companies like Google, have included implicit bias training for all of their staff. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how decisions are made on a personal level and how those personal decisions translate into creating a corporate culture and climate.

There are hundreds of companies that provide implicit bias training for small and large organizations on a local, regional or national level. Choosing the right training service for the needs of your company can seem overwhelming.

By following a few simple strategies, you can find the right training program and the right training facilitator to meet your requirements. The most important factor is to research the various providers, compare the services they offer and make an informed choice.

Customized Trainings

Ideally, look for a training service that is able to customize and personalize the training to your needs. For some companies, groups, and agencies this will be in-person implicit bias training, while for others it may be a combination of in-person and online training.

Some companies may also want to provide coaching for some of their staff, particularly upper management and those in charge of hiring. It is very beneficial if the coaches or consultants hired are also part of the group that does the training. This provides a cohesive and uniform approach to coaching, consulting and training.

Time and Cost

With most businesses, working within a professional development budget is a must. Top training services will provide a variety of options for training in include short training to training lasting a few days, allowing your company to find the time and the price that works.

Always consider the experience of the training service. Companies with several decades of providing unconscious bias training will have the best instructors, resources, and training programs and often provide highly competitive pricing options.

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