How to Gradually Stretch the Holes in Your Lobes Using Stretching Jewelry

Body modification, particularly ear lobe modification, takes a long time and a lot of patience. If you want to increase the diameter of the holes in your lobes, it requires several different ear stretching jewelry pieces and several months. However, if you are intent on doing this body modification, here is how to do it right.

Start With Healthy Pierced Ears That Have Been Pierced in a Tattoo/Piercing Parlor

A tattoo/piercing parlor or body modification studio begins this process with your lobes by first piercing the lobes with a surgical steel piercing wand that is much wider in diameter than those piercing staplers in boutique stores in a mall. This creates a larger hole to start with. A surgical steel expander with hollow center is inserted into the pierced hole right away. The holes have to heal completely before taking the next step.

Step up to a Larger Piercing

When the original holes are nearly healed, you can re-pierce them with a larger piercing wand. You can also just stretch the hole over a slightly larger ear stretching jewelry expander. If you pierce first, then insert the expander that is two millimeters larger than the last one you used. Continue this process until the holes are as big as you want and fit around the size of stretching expander you want to wear.

Why You Have to Go Slowly

The reason for the very gradual process is because ear lobes are rather delicate tissue. If you move too fast and try to stretch them too quickly, they tear. Take it slow.

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