How to Get the Highest Prices Paid for Gold and Diamonds in Oklahoma City in 2016

Gold is a hot commodity. Gold mixed with diamonds is particularly valuable, and many are seeking to trade in their older jewelry for a chance at finding something brand new for the holidays or for a birthday. But, gold and diamond values are hard to get a firm grip on. The most significant indicator of quality and worth is the carat. Individuals who understand how carats work will receive the highest prices possible for their treasured jewelry.

Separating carats
Gold and diamonds are both measured in carats, but the specifics of how these carats are measured and valued will change. Gold is, for the most part, lower in value per carat. A big reason is because gold is essentially diluted with other metals. A carat is traditionally 1/24 pure gold, where the other components are mixed with other lesser-quality metals to give it texture and a clean shine. This is standard for the whole industry. But, it does mean that gold is valued lower per carat.

For the Highest prices paid for gold and diamonds in Oklahoma City, traders may want to divide the gold from the diamonds. That may not always be possible with some jewelry, and some pieces should remain intact. But, both gold and diamonds should be measured independently in case a professional decides to just take the lower value (gold) for the whole weight of the diamond and gold jewelry.

Industry Standards- and Beyond
The right professional will review all the stones and components of the piece separately to offer a value that is consistent with industry standards. But, authentic professionals will remain competitive, and edge out other local offers. Cash will be received right on the spot for any trade-in. Sellers will have to provide some basic details, including a fingerprint, but the whole process will likely only take 15 minutes.

The Highest prices paid for gold and diamonds in Oklahoma City can be found at the Absolute Diamond And Gold Buyers. The rates are high, the cash is immediate, and the diamonds and stones are individually inspected and weighted based on industry appraisals and current values.

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