How to Find Assisted Living Facilities for Memory Care Patients

When it’s time to consider assisted living in Palm Bay, FL, for a loved one, it’s important to weigh all the options. Family members want their loved ones to be in an environment that will suit their needs now and in the future, especially when there are memory care needs. Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients require a higher degree of care that not every assisted living facility is equipped to provide.

The first thing family members should do when looking for an assisted living facility is to inquire about their memory care program. A common misunderstanding among caregivers is thinking that assisted living equals memory care. These are two separate levels of care.

Individuals diagnosed with dementia need around-the-clock care provided by trained nursing staff. Often, family members underestimate the level of care their dementia-affected loved one needs and make the mistake of choosing a facility that isn’t able to address their individual needs. This can be a dangerous mistake, but easily preventable when knowing how to choose a memory care facility.

The best assisted living communities for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients feature things such as:

  • Circular hallways for ease of navigation

  • Individualized service plans

  • Encouragement of resident independence without compromising safety

  • Music, art, and pet therapies

  • Life skills stations

  • A designated life care specialist for each resident

Although dementia and Alzheimer’s might try to rob individuals of their memories, the best assisted living in Palm Bay, FL, honor each resident’s unique spirit, their gifts, and their personalities. To learn more about assisted living memory care, contact or visit the website.

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