How to Evaluate a Storage Facility in Lancaster PA

Whether you are planning a residential or commercial move, having a place to store items can be a lifesaver. When you need temporary or long-term storage solutions, you want a facility that will protect your possessions from the elements and keep them secure. Additionally, the facility should have technology in place to reduce the risk of fire damage. When evaluating a storage facility, Lancaster PA residents should look for the following:

* Excellent Security
* Fire Protection
* Long-term and short-term storage
* Onsite managers
* Clean environment

The Facility You Choose Should Have Excellent Security
Excellent security serves two purposes. First, your possessions are protected around-the-clock. Even when a facility does not have security staff available around-the-clock, a site can be monitored remotely by cameras. Another important security aspect is fencing around the property. Additionally, the area should have burglar alarms and good lighting. Good lighting creates a more secure environment after dark by discouraging burglars from entering storage facilities for fear of being seen.

The Facility You Choose Should Have Fire Protection
The facility you choose should be constructed so that the risk of fire or smoke damaging your belongings is minimal. This means that the facility has fire detection and suppression systems as well as fire alarms.

The Facility You Choose Should Offer Long-term and Short-term Storage
You may intend to store items short-term, but circumstances may change. Make sure the facility you choose gives you the option of long or short-term storage. Contract conditions should be stated clearly upfront so that there are no surprises regarding the length of storage time and rental fees.

The Facility You Choose Should Have an Onsite Manager
An onsite manager who is available during daytime hours can address any concerns you may have and provide access to your possessions.

The Facility You Choose Should Have a Clean Environment
A storage facility should be clean and neat. The interior and exterior of the facility should be maintained and in good condition. There should not be debris or clutter that can attract insects and rodents as they can infest and damage your property.

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