How To Evaluate A Bid From Wisconsin Commercial General Contractors

For most large construction projects in the state of Wisconsin, as well as across the United States, the first step in the project is developing a comprehensive RFP. This RFP or Request for Proposal is a comprehensive overview of the project that allows potential commercial general contractors from with the state or for other states to then submit a bid proposal.

Unfortunately, the company or group that sends out the RFP often get back a wide range of different options in the bids from the contractors. Some of these will add on services not requested while others may provide limited information in what is actually covered with the bid. Both of these options make it difficult to accurately compare the quality of work you can expect from the contractor.

To help in comparing and evaluating the bids from the commercial general contractors that submit a proposal, here are some of the important issues to compare on the different documents.

Company Experience

While the contractor should not provide a lengthy history of the projects completed, it is easy to get more information on any company through the internet. A quick search will allow you to see the portfolio or a gallery of pictures or projects summaries the company has completed.

Details in the Bid

While is much faster and easier to simply look at the bottom line bid amount from the commercial general contractors, comparing line by line is the most effective. This will help you to see where the contractor is focusing and if the line items are comparable or very different from the other contractors under consideration.

Very low quotes on specific parts of the project that lowers the final project amount may be a sign of cutting corners in the quality of materials, craftsmanship or in using less experienced subcontractors to get the Wisconsin project finished.

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