How to Decide Where to Put Different Types of Signs in Your Business

As a business owner, chances are good that you are in need of business signs for your Illinois business. There are a lot of different types of business signs to consider, and each of them offers different functions. Here are some tips on where to put several different types of signs on your property and in your building to promote your business as effectively as possible.

Location Signs

If you have a large building which can be challenging to navigate, you might want to get “you are here” signs along with a map. This helps people find what they are looking for. Having these signs could reduce the amount of time that your employees spend helping people find the place where they need to be or the items that they want to purchase. Location signs can also be placed near stairs, escalators, and elevators. For example, a sign could show areas with arrows so that people go in the correct direction.

Wayfinding Signs

When you choose to get wayfinding business signs in Illinois, these could be placed in several areas. If you have different parking spaces for guests versus employees, use wayfinding signs to show that in the parking lot. You may also want wayfinding signs to direct people to the restrooms or particular areas of a store, such as a customer service desk or another place that your visitors often frequent.

Disability-Compliant Signs

When your facility is open to the public, you need to have signs that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA-compliant signs for your building’s entrances and exits will help people with low vision or blindness figure out where they need to go. For example, those signs could have Braille on them. These signs need to be placed at a particular height in order to be useful to the people who visit your business and have a disability. Make sure your business signs in Illinois are ADA-compliant.

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